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I cannot say enough great things about our partnership with BSP.  From the moment we were introduced to the moment of writing this testimonial, they have been an integral part in our new business strategy, client innovation and helping our clients take control of their health plans.  Our team is learning so much from BSP and what we appreciate most is not only their proactive nature, yet also the patient, consultative and flexible manner at which they treat their relationship with us and mutual clients.  We are excited to continue building our business alongside BSP as we push to educate our market & community.

— Vice President of Benefits, CA Agency

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  •  $180 - $360 Per Employee Savings, Guaranteed In 90 Days

  • Flexible Plan Payments & Increased Cash-Flow

  • Best-In-Industry Health Plan Management & Administration

  • Full Health Plan Design Autonomy & Functionality

  • Plan Technology & Transparency At Your Fingertips 

"We don't sell health insurance, we build health plans!"

Plan Savings
100% Surplus Refund
Unbundled Design
Financial Flexibility

Plan Sustainability
Ethical Management
Responsible Growth
Smart Partner Placement

Plan Partnership
2 year fee guarantee
Transparent Compensation
Contract review & negotiation

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No matter how your current plan is structured, or where you want to take your plan design next, we got you covered.  This is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  We are able to structure your plan around traditional or non-traditional network solutions, high-performance health services, revolutionary Rx solutions, disease management and utilization management, built-in tele-health and primary care, and much more.

We allow health plans entering our program to not only take advantage of a waiver of up to $120 or more on fixed costs for the first 3 months, but also give them the option to fund variable health expenses as they see fit.  They can "pay as they go" or pay a fixed monthly premium, or decide to pay on a level-funded monthly aggregate accommodation basis - it's their choice.

Business Stimulus Partners (BSP) consists of three tenured advisors with over 50 years of Health & Benefits experience.  We will guide every agent or new group health plan through the onboarding process, as well as help manage the risk of the group throughout the plan year to ensure success of the SFBI program. We will work aggressively to manage costs responsibly and sustainably.

Providing 65+ Years of Health & Benefits Experience

Millions in Annual Health Plan Savings

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SFBI was conceived out of chaos and developed to help give employers more financial freedom by freeing up health plan expenses and cash-flow.  Traditional premium will stay the same while many employers are suffering through reductions in revenue, production, and workforce. By waiving fixed fees for the first 3 months under our program, we believe that we can provide the necessary stimulus to move businesses forward while also attaining a competitive advantage in their market.  We have partnered with Administrators, Network Providers, Cost-Containment Companies, Telehealth Providers, Stop-Loss Underwriters, and Rx Management to ensure the success of this program and it's tremendous value. 


The SFBI program is partially managed by four tenured advisors with 65+ years of experience in Health & Benefits management.  While this program is broker-friendly, we are here to help assist with smooth transitioning to self-funding, plan design, and ongoing plan risk management when necessary to ensure the success of the program and our clients.  Your business, your relationships, and your health plan will be managed with the utmost effectiveness!

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Please submit your information and one of our Business Stimulus Partner advisors will be in touch with you shortly.

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General Contact Information

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Give us a Call:     800-604-0441

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Group Health Underwriting

One of the ways we offer to underwrite group health plans is through participation in Individual Health Questionnaires (IMQ's).  Each employee and adult dependent member that are enrolling in the health plan would be required to complete this 5 minute survey.  All answers are kept in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with HIPAA laws and regulations.  Once completed, these can be sent to us via our secure email by clicking on the red envelope icon.

Individual Medical Questionnaire

(IMQ) - English Version

Individual Medical Questionnaire

(IMQ) - Spanish Version

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